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Kondou Yasushi

Ceramic artist, industrial designer Born in the former Iioka Town (now Asahi City).
After leaving the company, he returned to his hometown and opened his own pottery studio, "Kaiongama". He also teaches pottery as an instructor at "Kondo Yakimono Kyoshitsu" (Kondo Pottery School).
He also produces locally produced souvenirs, such as "Ishi Fue Ema" (stone flute ema) and "Ten no Ishi Fue" (heavenly stone flute that brings good fortune), which are based on local legends.
After the 3.11 tsunami disaster, he started researching "Byeongpugaura-yaki" made from local clay. His "Amano Iwabue," a ceramic speaker made of Byeongpugaura-yaki, became a hot topic in various places.
Chairman of Asahi City Folk Art Souvenir Study Group / Judge of Kamisu City Art Exhibition

陶芸作家、工業デザイナー  旧飯岡町(現旭市)出身千葉大学工学部工業意匠学科卒業後、精密機械メーカーにて工業デザイナーとして勤務。
3.11 津波被災をきっかけに、地元粘土を原料とした「屛風ヶ浦焼」を研究。屛風ヶ浦焼陶器スピーカー「Amano Iwabue」 は各所で大きな話題となった。

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