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Yano Kafu

I started calligraphy at the age of 4 and encountered art calligraphy about 20 years ago,
Currently, she is studying ink painting and creating works that incorporate pictorial elements into the letters.

Director of the Asia Culture and Arts Research Institute, a non-profit organization.
Director of Gyotoku Swallow Academy Club
Director of Gyotoku Swallow Academy Club ・Ordinator of "Kafu Art Calligraphy Class
Director, Gyotoku Swallow Academy Club
Selected artist for Sankei International Calligraphy Exhibition, Sankei Art Calligraphy Exhibition, and Tokyo Calligraphy Exhibition
Mellow Art Award 2020, Excellent Prize
Luxembourg Art Prize 2021
Biodiversity Art Exhibition 2022, "Beauty Earth, Wen-Travel China
Malaysia "Asian Art Association" 2022

4 歳から書道を初め20 年程前にアート書道と出会い、
・NPO 法人亜細亜文化藝術研究院理事
・Mellow Art Award 2020 優秀賞受賞
・Luxembourg Art Prize 2021

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