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Terano Chiri

I am into the fun and silliness of the dialects spoken in the Asahi City area, and I create "dialect illustrations". I was surprised that I could not understand the dialects spoken by elderly people at all at first, even though we moved from the same prefecture in Chiba! Now I can understand quite well. I use Illustrator to create hand-drawn illustrations.
I also draw cats, portraits, character design, DTP, etc. I am also in charge of a guidebook, but I am a coward, so I am very nervous...

旭市近辺の方言の面白さ・お茶目さにハマって、「方言イラスト」を制作しています。同じ千葉県内から引っ越してきたのに、始めはお年寄りの話す言菓が全然聞き取れなくてビックリ!現在はかなり分かる ようになりました。手描きイラストをIllustratorで仕上げています。

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