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すずき らな


As a blackboard art artist, he has created many blackboard art works that draw large pictures on school blackboards, which have become a topic of conversation. He can paint anywhere, including live painting, stage decorations, and stores.
2022 Selected for the 57th Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition
2021 Selected for the 105th Anniversary Nika Exhibition, 2021
2019 ART Battle Japan, Winner, Japan's Best Artists Competition, Japan's Representative in the World Competition
Blackboard Art Creation Achievements
TV program: TV Asahi "Please! Ranking Presents Sodaterebi" (TV Asahi)
Bunsai Geinin/ NHK Sogo New Year's Day Special "2021 New Year's. Nippon "Furufuru" Furusato" (Nippon) Nippon "Furusato" Relay" live on NHK Sogo New Year's Day special program "2021 New Year's New Year!
Nippon "Furusato" Relay" live appearance, etc.
TVCM》NTT docomo "Let's connect your love to everyone" / Taisho Pharmaceutical Co.
Pabron Ace Pro "Professor Mondome" Arc
Skima Switch "Seishun" jacket illustration / Nogizaka 46 8th
YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE monitor video / "Kikkake" music video, etc.

2022 年 第57 回亜細亜現代美術展 入選
2021 年 2021 第105 回記念 二科展 入選
2019 年 ART Battle Japan 日本一決定戦 優勝 世界大会日本代表
《TV 番組》テレビ朝日「お願い!ランキングpresents そだてれび」
文才芸人/ NHK 総合 元旦特番「2021 年新春!ニッポン“ふる
さと” リレー」生出演など
《 TVCM》NTT ドコモ「みんなに好きをつなごう」篇/大正製薬
スキマスイッチ「青春」ジャケットイラスト/乃木坂 46 8th
YEAR BIRTHDAY LIVE モニター映像/「きっかけ」ミュージッ

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