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Certified Hanamonji Artist Certified Instructor of the Japan Hanamonji Society Certified Artist

I became a Hanamonji artist after encountering the art of writing colorful characters using auspicious designs with meanings such as dragon (for protection and success), phoenix (for protection and nobility), carp (for money and prosperity), and bamboo (for health and straight growth).
Encouraged by the comments "I am healed" and "I feel cheerful," I try to create my works with care, taking into account the background and the feelings of the customers who request them.
The use of clear and varied colors and the incorporation of many patterns into a single piece of artwork are the characteristics of our work.

花文字作家  日本花文字の会公認講師 公認作家

龍 ( 守護・成功 ) や鳳凰 ( 守護・高貴 )、鯉 ( 金運・商売繁盛 ) や竹 ( 健康・真っ直ぐ育つ ) 等の意味を持つ縁起の良い絵柄を使ってカラフルな色彩で文字を書く花文字と出会い、花文字作家となりました。
クリアで多彩な色使い、1 つの作品に多くの絵柄を取り入れるのが特徴です。

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