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綾野 かず

Ayano kazu

He plays a musical instrument called a handpan, shaped like a UFO. It has a mysterious and healing tone that is hard to imagine from its appearance.
I first encountered the handpan three years ago and was instantly captivated by its sound, so I immediately began learning to play it.
My favorite place to practice, where I can feel the ocean breeze, is high up in Minato Park in Iioka. This time, I will be playing and experiencing the hand pan performance around the exhibition site during the weekend in "Warm Asahi" both in terms of climate and humanity.

まるで UFO の様な形のハンドパンという楽器を演奏しています。その見た目からは想像が出来ないくらい、神秘的で癒しの音色を放ちます。
3 年前にハンドパンに出会い、一瞬で音色に魅了され、すぐに習い始めました。

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