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赤座 剛

Akaza Go

Born in Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
Representative of Fukaroku No.2 Seisakusho.
Exposed to street culture and contemporary art in his teens.
His art festivals and solo exhibitions during his college years were highly acclaimed, and he was invited to exhibit and live paint at the Graffik Gallery in London.

After graduation, he joined a character production company and worked in the entertainment business before going independent at the age of 24.

He is currently working as a design office doing whatever he can do, including advertisement, web, video, product, and magazine editing,

In 2009, he moved to Asahi City upon his marriage.

While leading local cultural and design projects, he is also active in a wide range of activities, including organizing events and running the cafe "Ready Made in Wonderland".
He is also the creator of the main logo for the Asahi Art Festival.

神奈川県相模原市出身。深緑第二製作所 代表。
10代よりストリートカルチャー・現代アートに触れて育つ。専門学校時代の芸術祭や個展が評価され、ロンドンのギャラリーGraffik Galleryにて販売、ライブペイントなどを行う。
卒業後はキャラクター制作会社に入社しエンターテインメント事業に携わり、24 歳で独立。広告・Web・映像・プロダクト・雑誌編集などやれることはなんでもやるデザイン事務所として活動を続け、2009 年、結婚を機に旭市へ移住。
地域のカルチャーを牽引し、デザイン事業のほかイベント主催やおひさまテラス内のカフェ「Ready Made in Wonderland.」の経営など、幅広く活動中。

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